2018 Light Campaign launch

Between now and the end of the year, the Light Campaign highlights stories of beauty, hope and gratitude as we seek to raise $40,000 (Rs. 28 lakh) to pursue true justice and healing for children who have experienced sexual harm in India.

“The wound is the place where Light enters you.”

–  Rumi

CSJ’s work is hard on so many levels. Our team supports children who have experienced horrible injustice and intimate betrayal. On a daily basis, they work closely with these children and their families, and their stories bring us close to the ugly side of humanity.

As we touch this darkness, it’s important we learn to see light in our work: the laughter and smiles of children who visit our office; the courage of parents who stand with their children, despite shame and dishonour it brings; the strength of a girl who opens up about her abuse, words too long suppressed, with one of our social workers.

As CSJ completed five years in operation this year, often I reflected on the journey we have taken. It’s difficult to start an organization in India, especially as someone outside the culture. There are ups and downs. At times, it appears bleak, dark.  So in gratitude, I dwelled upon the light–successes, milestones and people, including you–that have become part of CSJ’s historical fabric.

Today, we launch the Light Campaign to celebrate the stories of hope, beauty and light of our work and our CSJ’s history. We’ll share stories about the children we work with. But we’ll also share about the points of light that inspired, supported and guided us on where we have reached on this journey as an organization.


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