True Justice is Healing | Navya and Ujala’s* Stories

Navya*, a teen, worked as a maid in Delhi when her employer began harassing her, alleging Navya had a boyfriend. So her placement agency owner took Navya back to his rented home. There, he threatened, tortured and raped her for a month. Ujala*, an orphan child, lived with her younger siblings at their uncle’s house when her two cousins began sexually abusing her. The abuse continued for three years, despite Ujala asking her aunt and sister-in-law for help. Ujala eventually ran away from home and reported the abuse to police. Counsel to Secure Justice has been advocating for Navya and Ujala in the justice system. But outside the courtroom, True Justice is healing from trauma and finding hope and purpose after sexual abuse. After Ujala’s testimony in court, CSJ helped her return to her grandparents in her native village. Today, she is attending tuition classes to catch up on studies she missed while living in Delhi. She calls her social worker at CSJ regularly to check in and is happy. After her testimony, Navya also returned to her native place to live in a shelter home and used training and a sewing machine given to her to open her own tailor shop. She attends night classes and runs her shop during the day.

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