With every single child we have worked with, we have seen the tremendous power of support. Each time, we have lent a hand to a child, we have seen their eyes light up with hope and the resilience of their spirit, leaving behind the dark clouds of fear and despair. 

Seeing the joy in children who continue to move ahead and most importantly, dream for their futures has been a deeply fulfilling experience and through this Fund, YOU can experience that too! 

One Time Donation

To give directly to the fund, scan and pay through the QR code

Transfer the donation via netbanking


Account Name: Counsel To Secure Justice
Account Number: 922010044516347

You are also welcome to donate via cheques payable to Counsel to Secure Justice. Please send the cheques to:

Counsel to Secure Justice
C -23, Usha Niketan,
Safdarjung Development Area,
New Delhi – 110016

Pledge to Donate

Starting with as little as Rs 200 a month, you can pledge to lend a hand in continuing a child’s education for 6 months or more.
Please fill out this form with your details, and we will contact you directly regarding setting up the recurring donation: