Padhne Do, Badhne Do

About the Fund

Padhne Do, Badhne Do is a dedicated Access to Education Fund under CSJ’s Survivor Support Program that will be used towards supporting children in continuing to pursue education, while they heal from the trauma of abuse and navigate the criminal justice system. The goal of this Fund is to ensure that children do not experience any distress due to an interruption in their education, while they are doing their best to recover from abuse. 

Through its Survivor Support Program, CSJ provides free legal aid and complete psychosocial support to child survivors of sexual abuse who come from socio-economically underserved communities.  The goal of this Fund is to ensure that children have ongoing, uninterrupted access to education while they are navigating the criminal justice system in case of having experienced sexual abuse.

In the past few years, we have often found survivors struggling to continue education or be under extreme distress due to financial constraints of the family/caregivers. The pandemic’s economic impact on these families has been worse with many families losing all their savings, and hence, their ability to put food on the table, or continue education of the survivors reduced further. 

What does 'needs-based' mean

The fund will be used for critical situations, which if not met with, would lead to a severe impact on the child’s education, such as immediate dropout, disallowed from exams, lack in attendance. We have often seen that any interruption in education can usually be solved with monetary support only. 

While we advocate for children to receive compensation from CWCs and courts, the education fund collected here will be used for unforeseen requirements, as a priority. Once the fund has reached Rs 50,000 to fulfil emergency needs, the additional amount will be put towards the salaries of the CSJ’s Social Workers, who work to provide direct psychosocial support to the children, while always ensuring that a fund of Rs 50,000 is maintained for immediate needs of children. This amount will be revisited every year, to ensure we stay within support during emergencies. 

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