Vision, Mission and Values

"Arise my soul and fight,
Sing my song of light."


To drive the boundaries of justice in India towards a restorative approach and provide pathways for healing and repairing from harm.


To provide healing and ensure justice for people and communities that are impacted by gender-based harm and other forms of violence.

Our Core Values


We seek inner strength that comes from knowing who we are and where we are going. We focus on integrity, humility and honesty.


We desire to understand our clients, defend them, protect them and help them heal.


We desire to improve ourselves and perfect our craft so we can effectively represent the children and families we support.


We relentlessly pursue the best interests of the children and families we support. We stand with them in the most difficult times.


With an attitude of respect, we pursue relationships and common understanding with colleagues, government officials and partners in our work.