Nimisha Srivastava
Executive Director

Nimisha, as CSJ’s Executive Director, remains at the helm of everything that goes on at CSJ. Under her leadership, CSJ is pioneering the first model based on restorative processes in India. She has over a decade of experience in advocacy, capacity building, justice systems, rights-based law implementation across different arenas such as, juvenile justice, child protection & gender-based violence.

Nimisha was a Commonwealth Scholar and has studied International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford. Before CSJ, she has worked with various nonprofits, advised central & state governments on implementation of rights-based legislation and consulted with UNICEF as a child protection expert.

Urvashi Tilak
Director, Restorative Justice

As the Director of the Restorative Justice and Processes Program, Urvashi oversees the implementation of restorative justice work and practices at CSJ, having worked in the women & child rights space for over a decade now.

As the Director of our RJ Program, Urvashi plays multiple roles to enable research, capacity building, training and facilitation. She is also responsible for building networks with key stakeholders in the space, such as with judges, local & national government bodies, universities, and child rights & access-to-justice experts & nonprofits. It is her ability to work with diverse people & her openness to dialogue, that fuel her growing passion in restorative justice. Urvashi believes that conflict is an opportunity for people to come together and grow.

Markas Ban
Manager, Finance & Administation 

As our Finance & Administration Manager, Markas is the one responsible for all of CSJ’s structural processes. Along with that, he also takes care of human resources at CSJ along with the management team.

Shivranjana Rathore
Communications & Development Officer

Shivranjana is a writer dedicated to trauma awareness and healing, who is responsible for everything communications at CSJ as well as events, fundraising and more. She is passionate about using her skills to create impact, connect individuals and tell stories that matter.

Before joining CSJ, Shivranjana has worked in various capacities including authoring a book on emotional abuse within the family, and hopes to carry on her intention through her work at CSJ.

Arti Mohan
Program Officer, Restorative Justice

Formerly a lawyer, Arti is the Restorative Justice Program Officer at Counsel to Secure Justice. As a lawyer, she has experience in representing children who have been abused in court. As our RJ Program Officer, Arti works on designing and implementing restorative processes and spaces. She has conducted trainings for lawyers, academia, civil society and frontline workers on restorative processes, self-care and trauma. Her focus moved from practicing law to Restorative Justice due to her passion for reimagining the way we do justice, without inflicting further harm and paving the way for healing.

Nikita Kataria
Lead Social Worker, Restorative Justice
As the Lead Social Worker in the Restorative Justice team, Nikita works with children in conflict with law by providing them psychosocial counselling, as well as in the shape of restorative spaces to children who have caused harm and their families. In the past, Nikita has worked with child survivors of sexual abuse and their families, providing them psychosocial support.

Arushi Anthwal
Legal Counsel

Arushi is our Legal Consultant who handles all the pro bono legal aid we offer to the children we work with. She practices in the High Court and District Courts and focusses her work on women and child rights . She was previously engaged as a Senior Consultant with Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice for their Scheme on Fast Track Special Courts.

Shivangi Goenka
Social Worker, Survivor Support Program

Shivangi is a development professional with a post graduate degree in Social Work, specialising in working with children and families, from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. At CSJ, Shivangi works closely with children who have been harmed and their families.

Having been a part of Asmita Theatre Group as a theatre activist for nearly 7 years, Shivangi aspires to move forward in her academic and professional career exploring the blend of social work and performing arts and has also co-authored a poetry collection.

Program Assistant

A Social Work graduate from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), with a specialisation in Mental Health, Kuhu is CSJ’s Program Assistant. Her work primarily includes assisting in the implementation of CSJ’s state-level project with UNICEF, in partnership with the Government of Chhattisgarh, on developing capacities of child protection functionaries cutting across government and community stakeholders. 

Himani Verma (she/her)
Counsellor, Restorative Justice & Practices Program

Himani is a mental health professional who works as a Counsellor within the  Restorative Justice & Practices Program. She has a Master’s in Applied Psychology with a  specialisation in counselling psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

Himani likes working with children and is a firm believer in the intersectionality of mental health. She summarises her journey in the field of mental health with Irvin Yalom’s quote “It’s the relationship that heals“. Aside from being passionate about her work, she likes sunflowers, sunrise(s) and good movies.

Shabana Parveen
Lead Social Worker
Survivor Support Program

As the Lead Social Worker in CSJ’s Survivor Support Program, Shabana is responsible for much of the psychosocial support that CSJ provides to children who have experienced sexual or gender-based violence. Handling cases directly, Shabana is also responsible for supporting Social Workers in the Program.

With a Post Graduate degree in Social Work & a Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education, Shabana has been engaged in the social sector for over six years now, actively engaged at the intersection of gender & marginalisation.

Shabana has an in-depth experience of working with vulnerable communities, especially with children & their families & schools, and is passionate about dedicatedly providing timely care and support to children, especially where their caregivers too may be unable to do so. It is this motivation that she brings to her work at CSJ.