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CSJ is looking for a Social Worker

CSJ serves and supports individuals and communities that have experienced trauma to ensure they are safe, heard, and receive true healing and justice.

The Social Worker will provide counselling to children in violent or abusive situations due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and give direct support to child sexual abuse survivors and their families during the criminal justice process. The position reports directly to the Program Director and is based in Delhi, India.

COVID-19 response duties

        • The social worker must be equipped to interact with children and provide psycho-social support virtually or over telephone given limited field presence currently.
        • The social may need to work with families struggling in terms of emotional wellbeing during COVID-19.
        • The social worker will be required to provide psychosocial support to women and children in violent or abusive situations exacerbated by COVID-19.
        • Regular follow ups to be done with clients and families to assess immediate need such as shelter, medical or food if any during the COVID-19 crisis.
        • Regular intervention at Child Care Institutions in form of circles and or provide support to children as required.
        • The social worker is required to prepare content and undertake trainings/webinars for frontline workers in collaboration with various government/non-government agencies.
        • Apart from the pre-existing cases of child sexual abuse the social worker is required to provide emotional and psycho-social support via telephonic counseling to cases received as a part of stakeholder collaboration COVID-19 response. These cases may not necessarily be of child sexual abuse.

Support person duties

        • Manage a full caseload of clients to ensure they are connected with psychosocial support and psychological care services.
        • Along with a lawyer, act as first responder to child sexual abuse victims at the police station and during medical exams.
        • Conduct client intake and home inquiries and identify psychosocial needs that stabilize client living environment.
        • Conduct counseling sessions with clients and families covering themes of safety, coping and resilience.
        • Be assigned as a Support Person and attend Child Welfare Committee hearings to advocate for client’s best interests.
        • In capacity of support person, send regular updates to Child Welfare Committee and establish rapport with the bench.
        • Work with lawyers to advocate for and help clients collect interim and final victim compensation from government schemes.
        • Work with lawyers in conducting interviews and pre-trial visits and preparing clients and families (if applicable) to testify at trial.
        • Attend court hearings and support clients when they give statements and testify.
        • Help conduct client and family experience surveys to understand their interactions with the criminal justice system and obtain feedback on legal and psychosocial support services.
        • Participate in bi-monthly casework meetings, stakeholders meetings organized by SPUWAC, DCPCR , DCPUs etc.
        • Proactively engage government authorities, especially Child Welfare Committee (CWC) members, police officials , DCW and DSLSA counsels in court to gain influence that furthers client cases.
        • Strictly adhere to CSJ ethical guidelines when representing clients and collaborating with government authorities and stakeholder partners.
        • Methodically document and record information about client cases in the case management system in a consistent, accurate, comprehensive and timely manner.
        • Collaborate with all/other team members as per project requirement.
        • Conduct other activities as required by your supervisor.

* please note that this role requires sustained interaction with child sexual abuse victims which may create or aggravate mental health difficulties. However as per organizational policy CSJ promotes staff care and self- care.

Required qualifications and attributes

  • Masters of Social Work or related degree required.
  • 0-2 years’ experience in the development or human rights sector preferred, ideally child and woman rights or development.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office or similar software and database systems.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society.
  • Excellent comprehension of written and spoken English and Hindi.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a challenging, sometimes hostile, environment.
  • Uncompromising insistence on truth, integrity and excellence in work.
  • Persistent, bold, yet diplomatic, when standing up for client interests.
  • Willingness to learn and stretch oneself beyond comfort levels.
  • Ability to adapt to the changing environment of a new and growing organization.
  • Commitment to meeting deadlines and achieving results under pressure.
  • Willingness to respond to sexual assault cases at the police station at all times, including late night.
  • Qualified women from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.

CSJ is looking for a Legal Fellow

Counsel to Secure Justice (“CSJ”) is a law and advocacy organization based in Delhi, India that seeks effective and compassionate justice for children who have suffered sexual abuse. The Legal Fellow will serve a full-time, two-year assignment with CSJ that develops her/him into leaders who have refined and practical professional skills, high standards of personal and professional ethics and a passion to serve the disadvantaged.

During the assignment, the Fellow will coordinate legal support for children who have suffered sexual abuse, take up cases on behalf of the organisation, and help with research aimed to further sensitive justice systems in India. The position assignment is based in New Delhi, India. The position reports to the Program Director.


      • Attend court hearings regularly and advocate for victims of child sexual abuse.
      • Work with social workers to identify outside lawyer and coordinate with third party lawyers for legal support in child sexual abuse cases.
      • Collect copies of FIR, S.161 statement, S.164 statement and Medico-Legal Certificate for cases and legally analyse documents to identify strengths and weaknesses and to recommend correct offences to charge.
      • Coordinate and follow up with assigned advocates from pro bono panel and partner organisations to get updates and progress on cases until judgment; keep CSJ team updated on case progress.
      • Help clients/family seek witness protection when witnesses face threats or intimidation related to case.
      • Support the casework team with drafting legal documents, such as applications for victim compensation.
      • Work with the assigned lawyer and CSJ support person to prepare key witnesses to testify, including leading mock direct and cross-examination.
      • Carry out research and writing that contributes towards studies the Casework team produces.
      • Organise, catalogue and analyse data collected for research and draft summaries.
      • Stay updated on relevant criminal, procedural and evidentiary law related to investigation and adjudication of child sexual abuse cases in particular and child protection jurisprudence in general and circulate updates to team on weekly basis.
      • Methodically document client case information in a consistent, accurate, comprehensive and timely manner.

Required qualifications and attributes:

      • Bachelor of Laws degree required, Master of Laws preferred
      • Registered with the Bar Council of India
      • A minimum of one year of litigation experience, preferably at the trial courts of Delhi. (Persons with experience in criminal law practice will be preferred)
      • Proficient in Microsoft Office or similar software and database systems
      • Demonstrated commitment to the vulnerable sections of society
      • Excellent comprehension of written and spoken English and Hindi
      • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
      • Demonstrated ability to work in a challenging, sometimes hostile, environment
      • Uncompromising insistence on truth, integrity and excellence in work
      • Persistent, bold, yet diplomatic, when interacting with people and completing assignments
      • Willingness to learn and stretch oneself beyond comfort levels
      • Ability to adapt to the changing environment of a new and growing organization
      • Commitment to meeting deadlines and achieving results under pressure

Interested candidates can send their CVs on:

Application Deadline: January 25, 2021

CSJ is looking for a Communications and Development Officer


Creating powerful stories about CSJ’s work and justice for child sexual abuse victims

  • Capture images and video to use in CSJ communications, including social media, website, promotional materials and presentations.
  • Interview clients and their families, CSJ staff, government officials, and other stakeholders to use when drafting stories about CSJ’s work.
  • Draft stories that create an emotional connection with clients, give insight into realities of sexual abuse and create hope.
  • Every two months, draft and circulate issue-based stories that draw from experiences of the casework team when handling child sexual abuse cases.
  • Build and engage a community of people who support and follow CSJ’s work.
  • Regularly post updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.
  • Create content and provide planning support for annual fundraising event. 
  • Managing and updating Mailchimp database, sending regular emails to CSJ’s community and communicate about our work.
  • Build CSJ’s web presence and content on website.
      • Create a blog and recruit people who post on the blog
      • Post research studies
      • Post regular case updates and stories about clients
      • Create profiles of CSJ staff and fellow.

Build relationships with media

  • Build relationships with people in media and provide useful information so CSJ becomes a source of information about sexual violence against women in India.
  • Create a media program that places press releases, news stories and op-eds to raises awareness on specific themes regarding child sexual abuse.

Support CSJ staff with communications

  • Create standards and ensure quality of CSJ’s external communications (email, presentations, trainings, etc.)
  • Recruit communications interns from Indian schools that can support you in carrying out responsibilities and sustain your work.
  • Support staff to create support materials for program components like trainings, workshops etc

Required qualifications and attributes

  • Postgraduate degree in Marketing and Communications, Journalism or a related field
  • At least 2 years’ experience in marketing communications or journalism and sharing stories that connect emotionally with readers and cause them to act
  • Excellent comprehension of written and spoken English
  • Excellent command of written English language, including grammar, spelling, sentence structure and content organization

To apply: 

  • Email your CV and cover letter to
  • Questions? Email us at
  • Application Deadline: January 8, 2021

CSJ seeks volunteer lawyers to represent child sexual abuse victims

CSJ seeks qualified Indian advocates to serve on a pro bono lawyers panel that provides free legal representation to child sexual abuse victims during trial.

What court are cases located?  Cases will be in Delhi trial courts, mostly Saket court, but a few in Patiala House court.

What is required of you? Provide direct legal representation in one case. Commit at least one year to the case (the contract is renewable).

What’s next?


CSJ is looking for qualified, committed and compassionate people to intern with CSJ in law, social work, psychology, marketing, communications, and finance.  Interested candidates can send their CVs and a statement of interest to: