Frequently Asked Questions

No donation is too small, we welcome all contributions towards strengthening our children’s education. Small donations can, for example, be used in buying some particular books or stationery that a child needs on an immediate basis 🙂

Last year we got a call from Revathi* asking for help to buy the book for her Geography exam in 2 days. The book which merely cost 300 Rs, helped the child prepare and appear for her exam.

It can be easier financially for the donor to give small amounts for a longer period of time than giving a large amount together. It will help us be prepared for any needs arising and ensure that we can provide long term support to children over the many years that they are at risk.

Ojal* waited for 8 months for her compensation amount, to pay her board exam fee which was eventually paid by us on the last day. Had we known of donations coming in, the same could have been planned for and the child would not have had to deal with the anxiety and would’ve been able to better prepare for her examinations.

Yes! Donations to Counsel to Secure Justice are tax deductible under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

CSJ is incorporated under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.


We raise funds from both individual and institutional donors. In the past, we have received institutional grants from UNICEF, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives and Childline India Foundation. Check this page to see a full list of our partners.

Every child is entitled to the right to privacy and dignity. As per Section 23 (2) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 we are legally bound not to disclose the identity of the childrens but we will definitely let you know about all the ways in which your donations have helped the children.

This is a needs-based fund, exclusively to facilitate Access to Education, which primarily means that requirements cannot be anticipated and out of over 200 children that we are currently working with, any of them might require money immediately for anything. This fund will only be used when money from other channels like compensations cannot be acquired in time.

Considering that it is a needs based fund for children, any and every need that arises to ensure proper education for the child will be attempted to be met via this fund after addressing the same via compensation amounts granted by the court and the CWC.

CSJ keeps an account of the money received via donations and the expenses incurred for the children. We will be regularly sharing information about how the donations are making a difference.