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An Introduction to Restorative justice
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Free Resources 
        • Daly, Kathleen (2000).Sexual assault and restorative justice.Restorative Justice and Family Violence Conference: Australian National University. 
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Paid Resources 
        • Wojtas, N. & Keenan, M. (2016).  Is restorative justice for sexual crime compatible with various criminal justice systems? Contemporary Justice Review19(1), p. 43-68.  
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  • Wachtel, T. (2016)Defining restorativeBethlehem, PA: International Institute for Restorative Practices. 
  • resource by Living Justice Press on the circle process, its contents as well as types of circles. Kay Pranis, a key contributor to the modern-day development of circles is Chair of Living Justice Press.  
  • The International Institute for Restorative Practice’s resource on what circle processes are.  
  • CSJ’s report (Perspectives of Justice: Restorative Justice and Child Sexual Abuse in India, 2018page 48-49which talks about circles and the types of circles including Circles for Change, Healing Circles, Sentencing Circles, Reintegration Circles/Circles of Support and Accountability.  


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