Survivor Support Program


CSJ began its work in response to high numbers of cases of child sexual abuse in Delhi through a survivor-centric approach. In the last decade of supporting child survivors, CSJ has developed a holistic model of Survivor Support that offers support to children by addressing their two primary needs while they navigate the criminal justice process – legal and psychosocial support.

Through this model, CSJ has supported more than 600 child survivors of sexual abuse heal from the trauma of the abuse while navigating the justice system, and empower themselves by fearlessly speaking about their abuse, as well as finding positive educational and financial prospects.

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CSJ’s Model Holistic of Survivor Support

Watch: Learn about CSJ’s Survivor Support work through Archana's story.

Legal Support

Legal support is primarily provided by a Legal Counsel, supported by an in-house lawyer & CSJ’s pro bono panel.

What does legal support look like?

Representation in court to ensure protection of child’s rights & child gets justice
– Child-friendly preparation for legal proceedings
– Ensuring child receives fair financial compensation.

Good legal support for a child survivor ensures that the legal process in POCSO cases is child-friendly, one that enables the child and their family to seek free legal recourse and resolution, in a way that the child is not re-traumatised or put in an unsafe situation in court or during testimony.

Psychosocial Support 

Psychosocial support is provided by trained Social Workers who act as the Support Persons for survivors, as provided for under the POCSO Act, 2012.

What does psychosocial support entail?

– Providing counselling to child and family
– Supporting child during testimony & all court related processes
– Identifying & addressing child’s needs for safety as well as recovery through appropriate referrals to other services such as admission to schools, medical treatments and so on.

The Support Person plays a key role for the child during the proceedings. They ensure that the child has all the necessary support to continue with their lives in the best way possible, where all of the child’s needs are identified and met.

Publications & Resources

Protecting Our Children: A look at Delhi’s implementation of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012

A report released in September 2016 by Counsel to Secure Justice and HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, analysing the implementation of POCSO Act in 72 child sexual abuse cases handled by CSJ and HAQ lawyers and social workers in Delhi trial courts.

You can also find some helpful child abuse awareness videos on CSJ’s Instagram.

For more research studies, publications and resources, click below:

Emergency Resources

In case you or a child you know is experiencing or has experienced abuse, please immediately call the police at 100 or Childline, the national children’s helpline at 1098.

You can also contact or visit your local Child Welfare Committee or District Child Protection Unit.