There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
- Maya Angelou

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Udit is a sensitive and quiet child, who needed time, patience and a Restorative approach to help him take ownership of the harm he had caused, to make amends and move towards healing.

During the circle, Ishan acknowledged what he had done in front of his family.  He took ownership of his actions without shifting blame and without minimizing his actions.  Ishan’s family asked questions and he addressed each of them.

We met Ishan (name changed), a 14-year-old, in talking circles at the observation home*. During our first one-on-one conversation with Ishan, he told us that a case had been registered against him for touching a girl on her thigh. He was apprehensive of his family's anger and how he would ever face them.

Starting today, you will be reading stories of how children and families who go through heart-wrenching despair find hope to be resilient, to seek justice, and to heal. The True Justice Heals campaign seeks to raise $25,000 (INR 17 lakh), to help support child victims of sexual abuse and child offenders who want to make amends in their pursuit of healing and justice.

* CSJ protects the identity of children in the stories we share. Images that show faces are illustrative only and do not reflect individuals in the story.  Names and identifying factors mentioned in the stories have been changed.