There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
- Maya Angelou

Read stories from our work!

Healing from trauma often needs an entire community to come together to build a network of support.

Learn how Tanu began finding her sense of safety again.

Brinda worked as a maid in different houses to help support the family. Her husband spent most of his and her earnings on alcohol. We first met her in 2019, when we were working with her son. Read her story of strength and determination to survive.

Wamika is one among many survivors of child sexual abuse, who seek to escape the stigma associated with child sexual abuse by staying away from their families and communities. Read her story of homecoming and a hope to someday heal.

In July this year, we received a distressed call from one of our children, Bipin. We have been working with Bipin from when he was in a correctional facility for children in 2018. A family dealing with years of trauma caused by domestic violence and poverty, our work with them has continued over the years, providing psycho-social support and restorative dialogues between each other.

* CSJ protects the identity of children in the stories we share. Images that show faces are illustrative only and do not reflect individuals in the story.  Names and identifying factors mentioned in the stories have been changed.