Archana’s Courage

As I look back on CSJ’s journey, it’s been encouraging when people express how they are moved by our work. In late 2013, shortly after CSJ started operations, CSJ supporter Kimberly Hocking painted a watercolor and wrote a poem that reflected the courage of one of our first cases: a gangrape of a teenage girl named Archana. The case details are less important than Archana’s courage to report the case and pursue justice in court. The watercolor and poem continue to inspire, so I share them here. Archanas courage Archana’s courage Arise my soul and fight Sing my song of light Arise oh courage Teach me to stand to sing to say “hope” to bring forth a new day Arise my soul and laugh and cry and learn again to fly For you were made to be a thing of beauty a person of light a winged hope a joyous delight.

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